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Polyimide Film Tape

Polyimide Film Tape for Cable Wrapping Product Description: Good insulation and high performance, the polyimide film is produced by casting method, which are high temperature resistant, the dielectric properties of the radiation resistance. Polyimide film F46 tape made of polyimide film single sided or double sided coated F46

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PP Foam Tape

Cable Wrapping PP Foam Tape Product Description: PP foam tape is mainly made of polypropylene. It Process with physical and mechanical foaming. Application: Apply to wrapping and filling with communication cable and shielding layer, waterproof layer of composite cable with multiple structures. Electrical characteristics: The main character of

PP Foam Tape2021-06-10T01:48:51+00:00

Semi Conductive Tape

Semi conductive nonwoven cable wrapping tape  Product Description: Made of 100% polyester fiber fabric, semi-conductive adhesive impregnated dry fiber after fully carding, high longitudinal strength, low resistance. Application: Suitable for cable conductors and out core of insulation wire, lashing, isolation can also be used for metal layer of

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Cotton Filler Yarn

Cable Cotton Filling Thead  Cable filling cotton thread is mainly made of cotton and chemical fiber used for cable and wire filling  can also be weaving of cabtyre cable The cable filling cotton thread can increase the flexbility of cable It includes single stranded cotton thread,double strand cotton

Cotton Filler Yarn2021-06-10T01:49:56+00:00

Jute Filler Yarn

Cable Filling Thread The raw material of cable filling thread is jute,hemp,hessian The cable filling thread is specialized for wire and cable increase the fasteness and flexbility of the cable. The cable filling thread include single-stranded and multistrand. Twist can be custom made. The color of cable filling

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PP Filler Yarn

PP Filler Yarn For Cables Nomin is also a China leading manufacturer and supplier of PP cable filler yarn for cable and wire manufacturer all over the world Nomin PP cable filler yarn is produced from 100% virgin polypropylene material with CaCo3 Nomin PP Cable filler yarn is

PP Filler Yarn2021-06-10T01:35:23+00:00

Fire Retardant Non Woven Cable Tape

Fire Retardant Non Woven Cable Tape Product Decription Fire retardant non woven cable tape as a kind of cable warrping material , its main function is fire proof Fire retardant non woven cable tape is made of environmentally-friendly polyester by flame retardant processing  Flame retardant, good tensile strength,

Fire Retardant Non Woven Cable Tape2021-06-10T01:36:56+00:00
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